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High Protein Foods


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*Applied Nutrition Critical Oats 12 x 60g pots - SPECIAL OFFER

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Critical Oats Protein Porridge is the perfect on-the-go breakfast or snack. Delivering a well balanced blend of 100% Organic Wholegrain Oats

Banana - BB - 12/06/20 Out of stock
Blueberry Out of stock
Chocolate - BB 18/06/20 In stock
Golden Syrup - BB - 14/06/20 Out of stock
Strawberry- BB 06/20 Out of stock
In stock

*Grenade Carb Killa - Bar in a Jar Spread - 360g - Vegetarian Friendly

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Grenade Carb Killa Protein Spread can be smothered on top of your favourite foods or eaten straight out of the jar.

Hazel Nutter In stock
Jaffa Quake Out of stock
Milk Chocolate In stock
White Chocolate Cookie In stock

*Muscle Moose Protein Pancakes 500g

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Muscle Moose Protein Pancakes are what breakfast was invented for. These extra fluffy, easy to make pancakes are a taste sensation.

Chocolate Raspberry Out of stock
Golden Syrup In stock

*Scitec Nutrition Protein Brownie Mix 750g

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Protein Brownie is a delicious cake variation, which can be made easily, and it has a high protein-content, ideal for people who live an active lifestyle

Chocolate In stock

*Scitec Nutrition Protein Ice Cream Mix Light 1250g

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The new generation of fitness desserts has just arrived! Sport fanatics don’t even dare to think of conventional ice creams as part of their strict nutritional plan

Kiwi In stock
Pear In stock
Red Berry In stock
Vanilla Lime In stock

*The Skinny Food Co Baking Mix 200g

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We've put together a comprehensive bakery collection to enable you to enjoy your favourite baked goods that you may normally avoid due to high sugar/calorie content

Banana Bread In stock
Brownie In stock
Chocolate Chip Cookie In stock
Chocolate Chip Flapjack In stock
Double Chocolate Chip Muffin In stock
Edible Cookie Dough In stock

Myprotein Vegan Protein Pancake Mix 500g

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Containing at least 20g of protein per serving, these easy-to-make pancakes are a tasty way to support your fitness goals

Blueberry & Cinnamon-BBE-12/20 Out of stock
Chocolate-BBE01/21 Out of stock
Unflavoured-BBE-11/20 In stock

Our mission is to take a range of every day foods that people love, and enrich them with quality protein sources to help meet the challenges presented in our daily diets when training. We don’t launch any product into the market that is not worthy of our brand and taste as well as texture is key before we put our name on it.

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